Inner Power

Instinctive drive is first. Hunger, Love, pain, fear are all part of my instinctive drive. Those instincts set my thinking into action, ie I’m hungry so I’m moving to get food. Emotions inspire my thinking ie I’m angrily walking to get food.

At its basic level, the human goal is to always satisfy my instinctive drive, in short, avoid pain and death and seek what is pleasant. One challenge posed to the human being is dealing with the unpleasant. How we handle such situations is the power that feeds the emotion behind them.

We are charged as rational human beings, bodies of intelligence, to be thoughtful in all our actions and this requires one to be fully conscious of himself and his mission to stay alive. One could very well say that all which we do springs from our desire or our fear.

There is power behind my emotions. It is my inner power that spark my emotion which in turn has power of its own. Power is returned to its source once the emotion is exhausted and I am at rest.

The inspiration of my conduct is the inner power which is love. Love is the inspiration for the God idea. We don’t want to stop loving so we don’t want to die and for that we need a supernatural power that will restore us after we have died. God didn’t give me love. I was born with it. The difference today is I know how to use it.


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