Love & Tolerance(i)

Over the past few years woman have been coming forward calling out men in government and the entertainment industry for past unwanted sexual encounters. This is sort of like a Women’s Lib 2.0 movement and I love it. This is a huge step for both woman and human equality. Unwanted sexual advancements on any gender is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Perhaps this is a new way we enforce principle and judge and convict people. With the internet, which seems like it’s been with us forever, we can shame a person all over the world in just seconds. The person’s image and career have now been destroyed. Will he ever commit such a sin again? This is what I like to call Internet Jesus. A single Enforcer King Robot that can plaster your name and crime on every mobile device in the world instantaneously and let the world decide if you’re ok or not.


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