A child has innocence, that is what makes the person a child. The child doesn’t even know its innocent. It is a precious short lived moment in the life of every human. Each day the child grows, it loses a slice of innocence and gains a slice of experience eventually leading to knowledge.

A man cannot go back. His experiences and knowledge go with him forever, never to know innocence again.


Money is awesome!

Anyone who tells you otherwise is either full of shit or doesn’t have any. All those Mother Theresa’s out there are just pretending. Money buys you a better life, a better home or lots of homes, a better car or lots of cars and of course money can buy you love. In any country! The Beatles were full of shit.

Money allows you to give as much of it away as you like, feed the poor, clothe the naked or save the spotted owl. Want to steer a political issue? Yeah, money can help there too.

Will it corrupt you? Anything can corrupt you. Is it necessary for happiness? No but it sure helps. One has to deal with money just like anything else.