Saving our planet

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Burning our American Flag

I don’t think it should be done. When someone burns our flag they are shitting on America. The flag is used to drape the coffins of our soldiers who died fighting for our country. When someone burns the flag it’s kin to burning the soldier who died underneath it.

If one is going to  burn the flag then why not also kill an American Eagle? Both are symbols of this country. Would anyone shoot an American bald eagle over their outrage about something in this country not happening the way they think it should? Would you take the life of a majestic animal just because you’re pissed? Maybe the sickest of our citizens would and those folks should be locked up.

To me,  burning the flag is a childish and disgraceful act. Certainly there is a more dignified way to express your first amendment right. I suggest lighting yourself on fire.



Facts on mass shootings & guns in the U.S.

With each mass shooting comes shock and heartbreak. But the enflamed rhetoric is not far behind.

We hear the same arguments about gun violence, mental health, how firearms should be regulated and what’s driving the prevalence of mass shootings with each attack.

PolitiFact has worked for years to research these topics to explain talking points used by all sides of the gun debate.

Here are some answers to many questions.