In the future(2)

China wants to make the chips that will add AI to any gadget

Nueral Networks everywhere driven by AI — watch for self sentient bots appearing real.


In the future(1)

… robots will be prolific — they will be indistinguishable from humans — slavery will return.

… humans will no longer travel, yet they’ll be able to go anywhere on the planet.

… robots will create their own languages on the fly — humans won’t be able to figure it out — humans will die.


It is obvious to me. . .


that “killer robots from hell” is a real imaginable thing. As robots become ubiquitous along with AI, it’s inevitable these two technologies will merge and enhance one another. I find that there are so many believable scenarios that tell the story of The Matrix over and over and over again.


Here in early 2018 we’re not far from robots being as prolific as PC’s. Here’s a great video of a robot that resembles a cheetah and can open doors.

Speaking of the cheetah design, robots are and will in the future be built on natural design, using as much of the real movements of the most incredible insects, mammals and birds in the world. Envisioning a robot that flies at night with the stealth of an eagle owl is nothing. Imagine the marvels we will build.

Sneaky AI

With just a little more than 35 clicks some algorithms can perform a complete psychological profile about you. They can tell if you’re a republican or democrat and your basic earthly preferences. With a plethora of social data to aggregate and fantastic algorithms to tell their stories, computer systems know more about us then we understand about ourselves.

Do we like the idea of giving up our privacy for more of the worlds goods and services? This is an important question because it tells us what our future looks like. Will we live in a society of total transparency where I know everything there is to know about you and you about me?  Or will we live in a place where our preferences are guarded and accessible only through conversation?