Looking for Life in the Cosmos!

NASA launches TESS exoplanet-hunting satellite into space.


In case you missed Zuck


The Facebook CEO appeared before a House committee yesterday. And this, his second day of grilling in Washington, DC, was more aggressive than the first.
Backstory: Zuck is answering questions from Congress about Facebook’s huge Cambridge Analytica data scandal. His first day went surprisingly smoothly.
Highlights: Can’t be bothered to read another transcript? No problem:

  • Zuck admitted that yes, his data was sold to Cambridge Analytica.
  • He said users can download all data held about them. That may be untrue.
  • He insisted, over and over, that users have control of their data. But …
  • Several lawmakers challenged him about tracking of non-Facebook users.
  • Others pointed out that people don’t own inferences made by Facebook.
  • (He didn’t provide any compelling responses to ease their fears.)
  • Zuck refused to say that the firm would provide super-tight privacy by default.

And just one final question. Is that really the guys haircut? I mean is he trying to make his forehead appear larger than life?

US and allies launch air strikes on Syria(2)

I wrote just over a year ago there was very little proof that Syria attacked its own people with chemical weapons and once again I’ve seen nothing other than some footage of Syrians pouring water in the eyes of some children and forcing asthma containers into their mouths. Oh, and I saw a canister in a bedroom that was supposedly filled with deadly chemicals. I stand with Iran, Russia and Syria on this one.


The technical details:

105 missiles were launched in strikes against Syria

In a briefing on Saturday morning, the Pentagon provided the following breakdown of the military weapons used to strike Syrian targets overnight

From the Red Sea:

USS Monterey (Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser) – 30 Tomahawk missiles

USS Laboon (Arleigh Burke-class destroyer) – 7 Tomahawk missiles

From the North Arabian Gulf:

USS Higgins (Arleigh Burke-class destroyer) – 23 Tomahawk missiles

 From the eastern Mediterranean:

USS John Warner (Virginia class submarine) – 6 Tomahawk missiles

A French frigate ship (could not understand name) – 3 missiles (naval version of SCALP missiles)

From the air:

2 B-1 Lancer bombers – 19 joint air to surface standoff missiles

British flew a combination of Tornado and Typhoon jets – 8 storm shadow missiles

French flew a combination of Rafales and Mirages – 9 SCALP missiles

Source CNN


Please stop with the make believe I am a them or those or they. When being gay was going mainstream they tried very hard to find gay in nature. I think they were able to identify two male penguins walking together. It didn’t help. Good luck finding a trans dolphin or trans beetle or trans eagle. It’s called mental illness.